T is for Trump and the Pope


Serpent and Apple

A brute of a man arrives for an interview for a top executive job.  Despite having a good CV, he has no direct experience for the job.  While waiting to be interviewed  he starts viciously attacking other better qualified candidates.  He says to one that he will be “weak”.  This man seems to shoot from the mouth, he is antagonistic,  unashamedly forthright, as carries out these mocking tirades.  He does not care who he offends,  be it because of their religion or ideology.  Some of his comments are not only toxic but highly dangerous and divisive. Once his interview begins  he is boastful,  he will make the company great again. Some people seem to be carried along by his bravado.

Does this  man sound familiar…?

Donald Trump has even managed a showdown with Pope.  When the Pope pointed out that building a wall along the Mexican border (paid for by the Mexicans)  as being “not Christian” Trump characteristically went on the attack, saying the Pope is “disgraceful” for questioning his faith.  On the other hand the Pope himself  ignored the fact that the Vatican is equally surrounded by a sizable wall.

However…check this out…

Deep in the dark chasms of the Vatican, a bare knuckle fight is about to take place…

It’s the fight of the century, behind closed doors.

As Donald Trump takes on the Pope for world supremacy.

Trump’s arrived with his band of thugs,

The Pope’s surrounded by cardinals and Latin chants,

Trump’s hyped up, ready for a bout,

“I’ll take on anyone, Muslims, Latino’s,  even God himself,

All to make America great again.

A Latino pope, what a great mistake,

An American pope would pose a greater threat,

To put the fear of God into the soft bellies of the people.

This pope who dares question my faith,

I’ll put you pope firmly in your place!

For nobody dares question Donald Trump,

For if they do,  I’m gonna pound them to dust!

Fuck you pope, know your place,

Watch me now as I rearrange your face!


Now listen Donald,

I mean no harm,

It’s just building a wall isn’t Christian.

If you want a fight, I’m not so meek and mild,

And don’t forget I have God on my side.

I’ll knock your hair all over the place,

Don’t forget

I have a  well over a billion followers,

The Vatican is full of gold,

We’ve been in business  for many centuries,

Mr Trump, don’t you know.


You are right Pope,

You might teach me a thing or two,

But step out of line one more time,

And I’ll be coming after you


The two men stepped out of the ring,

without a punch being thrown.

The Pope said his words were lost in translation,

said he’d even offer Trump, the keys to salvation.

Francis H Powell is a writer. His recently published book is Flight of Destiny, a book of 22 short stories.


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