J is for judgement Day


Judgement day could be fast upon us,  how long before we hear that North Korea has sent a nuclear missile in the direction of South Korea, or America,  followed by an all-out nuclear war? This being the case who would you like to face up to judgement?

Surely George W Bush and Tony Blair should finally be judged for duping their countries into a entering a war or a false pretense.  Both are out of politics now,  George W has been in self-imposed exile, spending his time painting watercolors, opening his presidential library, and undergoing minor heart surgery. But apart from rare glimpses of the man he has stayed well under the radar. Blair seems to making himself richer and richer, with a huge property portfolio, as well as other investments, making the former “socialist” leader worth a staggering 60 million. These are never going to be dragged in front of the Hague for war crimes. Both men’s names have been tarnished, but the establishment tends to close ranks, the chances of them called in to answer their crimes threadbare.

In fact if you look at justice across the world,  it obvious the so called high and mighty get away with murder.  Circulating at this moment is this scandal about Panama. What is incredible is a whole range of world leaders are implicated or at least possibly implicated. There’s Putin, China’s top communist elites, more than 100 politicians and public figures, Syrian president Bashar al Assad, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko are among the world leaders past and present accused of using tax havens to hide money. The Spanish Royal Family are amongst those implicated (surely not the British Royal family ?????).  Credibility is diminishing across the globe, as the shady side of many world leaders comes to light.

What about certain Religious leaders how will they fare in Judgement Day?

Francis H Powell is a writer. His recently published book is Flight of Destiny, a book of 22 short stories.


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