Bizarre happenings on Halloween


When children tuck in to their Halloween candies, they might get more than they bargain for. Ronald O’Bryan had his own distorted vision of Halloween when he laced Trick or treat sweets with cyanide.

Kevin Toston a five year old also met a tragic end when he took his uncle’s heroin stash to  be sweeties. The family later tried to cover up the crime to protect the uncle, sprinkling heroin over sweeties. Drugs creep their way into Halloween sweets, a twenty three year old Mancuria  gave out packets of cocaine to children instead of sweets – despite the fact he didn’t hide it in any sweets, and police said he’d given the items “in error.”

If you get a sudden doorbell ring late into the night, think twice before you open the door.   Peter Fabiano was just about to go to bed, when the doorbell rang.  Grabbing some candy he went to accost his late night visitor,  only to find on his doorstep, not a child  enacting trick or treat, but a grown up porting a cheap mask.  On top of this the late night visitor was carrying a gun, concealed in a paper bag, pointing at his chest.  Once the late nigh visitor had slain Peter, she sped off.  The police at first were mystified by this “senseless murder” .

Peter who worked as a hairdresser was hardly the type to have enemies who would want to see to his demise.  They unearthed an ex-employee, namely Joan Rabel, aided by an anonymous caller they discovered the gun used to shoot Peter.  The locker was rented however by Goldyne Pizer,  who happened to be Ravel’s lover. Rabel twisted the mind of Pizer with stories about how Fabiano abused his wife.  It was Pizer who arrived and just about managed to fire the bullet that was to end Fabiano’s life.  In reality Rabel’s motive was to rid Betty Fabiano of her husband, because she herself was Betty Fabiano’s lover. In the consequential trial followed Rabel pleaded not guilty, and Pizer pleaded insanity.

An important part of Halloween is the decorations. It is true that Halloween has become very commercial. So imagine if you are driving in your car and see a woman hanging, the chances are you would simply deem it to be just another decoration.  Four days before Halloween in Frederica Delaware, there was a woman dangling 4.5 meters directly above the road.  When somebody realized this body was real and not some morbid decoration, the police were called to the scene. Sadly it turned out to be a 42 year old woman who took her own life.

In Ohio there was a similar occurrence, again it took a while before people dared to  verify whether they were looking at a genuine corpse.

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