A Medieval festival in Josselin Brittany.

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This time last year I would never have imagined myself walking about  streets  in Brittany as a medieval festival takes place.  Recently I found myself in Josselin,  surrounded by people dressed in medieval clothing.  Some  slightly destroyed the illusion by wearing sunglasses or using their mobile phones.  No I wasn’t totally transported  back in time,  never the less it was impressive.  Some of the people did look a bit like extras from Lord of the Rings. Some looked decidedly Gothic.  Some looked like they had been extracted from a freak show.  There were fire eaters,  stilt walkers,  falconers, a man dressed in the attire of a bishop.  It was a lot for my three year old to take in.

My beautiful picture

Everywhere you looked something was happening, you could sample strange musical instruments,  food being sold at a premium that with recipes dating back to the times of knights and chivalry. The festival takes place every other year.  I imagine it takes a lot of preparation, the setting including a large fairy tale like  chateau with  soaring ramparts and three mighty towers dominating the river valley below is  awe inspiring.

Medieval times are not a  period in history I would choose to visit, given the opportunity  in a time machine,  it conjures  up images of death, pestilence, torture. It was mocked cruelly by Monty Python.  Some people were very Pythonesque and I wondered what  their usual day jobs were?  Were these people Bank Managers?  Or perhaps secretaries? All let off a leash to live out their fantasies.



My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
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