Countdown to leaving Paris…

Dj Wise

My time living in Paris is drawing to a close, I am about to set off on a new adventure in Brittany.  I guess the end will be a mixture of sadness but relief.  I moved in 1999, with a few possessions,  a job to go to,  no friends apart from who lived outside Paris, who I had not seen for a while.   My time living in Paris has been a rewarding experience.  It has so much to offer in terms of culture, big events such as the Fete de la Musique, Nuit Blanche,  but also lesser documented events put on by associations and organizations.  The last event I was involved with was an event organized by  an organization called  Paris Lit, in which poets, songwriters and writers have the possibility to do short renditions of their work in front of a hyped up audience.  The event took place just after the terrible events in Paris, last November and these events impacted some of the works being performed.

The two terrorist attacks also impacted my decision to leave Paris.  These days in the back of your mind,  when you are traveling on the metro for example you think the worst could happen .  Paris is a great city with so much to offer but also a stressful city.

I have many memories of my time living in the fifth district.  I got married in the Marie (town hall) a magnificent building.  I used to live in a well-known tourist haunt, Rue de la Huchette.   When we walked out the door on a Saturday night, we used to stumble over a multitude of tourists.  We would go to sleep to the sound of jazz, as the music from the next door jazz club used to seep through.  I never actually went into the club, but I felt its presence every night.  We used to go for walks by the Seine,  in summer, watching the Bateau Mouches pass by, their lights lighting up the surrounding area, as darkness drew in.  There would be picnickers eating lavish meals and musicians busking.  In one particular area there would be dancers doing Breton dances.  It was such an endearing lively area.  Not far from where we lived was place St Michel, where street performers vied to get tourist’s attention.

When you walk around Paris you sometimes forget you are constantly passing through places steeped in history.  Walk around La place de la Concorde and you are walking around a place used  executing  aristocrats as well as royalty King Louis XVI was executed on 21 January 1793.

There will be things I won’t miss for example… transport strikes.  Sometimes arguments on the metro in Paris can grow out nothing.  Somebody nudges/bothers somebody, next thing a shouting match develops, with all manner of accusations and slurs.

So now I am leaving all this behind,  moving to a place equally filled with history.  A place with a wonderful coastline. Brittany also has its own strong culture.  One chapter closed, another about to begin.


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The increasingly mad world of Johnny Depp


Ten years ago if you asked any hip person who they’d like to be maybe they would reply Johnny Depp.  Good looking, witty, talented. He had it all.

Johnny Depp, was somebody I once really admired.  He seemed to be selective in the films he chose to be in,  often  playing oddballs and outsiders.  He seemed to really stamp a strong identity on each role he played.  Films I really like include Edward Scissorhands,  Benny and Joon, What’s eating Gilbert Grape? He was a natural in Tim Burton films.  Of course he was graced with good looks and a natural abundance of talent. He had the ability to play different roles  including comedy parts.   You would imagine a man such as he, would have the world at his feet…no?

Like so many stars before him, his life in recent times seems to be on a constant downward spiral.  Damning articles have sprung up like noxious fungus.  What’s more youthful Johnny has overnight transposed into bloated Johnny. In previous times  Marlon Brando was once  noted for his great looks and physique and then  piled  on the pounds,  undeterred by what is expected of an iconic Hollywood superstar.  Is Johnny letting himself go in a similar fashion?  Is he pressing the self-destruct button.

He seems to be racking up ex-wives.  His latest break up  hasn’t exactly painted him in a very good light. It seems Johnny’s life  has been fueled by  drugs and alcohol, leading too alleged violence to his much younger wife (Amber Heard).  These domestic  violence abuse allegations, tarnish a diminishing reputation, his stock going down dramatically.  Damning words from Amber include  “There was one severe incident in December 2015 when I truly feared for my life,” she wrote in the court filing in which she also said she “endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse” during the entirety of their relationship. It seems in terms of personal relationships, Johnny is volatile and moody to the extreme.

Johnny has fought back through his lawyers‘Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life.’

We could say that Amber Heard, given her background, was not the ideal person for Johnny Depp to marry.  Amber herself allegedly has been involved in domestic violence towards a women, who was heavily involved with Tasya Van Ree.  Aember and Tasya considered themselves married at a time when it was not possible legally.  Amber’s special relationship with Tasya Van Ree is cited as a reason Johnny dscended into fits of anger and violence.  In Johnny’s previous wife Vanessa Paradis’ eyes, Amber Heard is considereda homewrecking careerwhore who ruined her children’s lives and destroyed her relationship with Johnny Depp

You also have to wonder why Amber got so heavily involved with Johnny and went as far as to marry him, given some of her quotes concerning their relationship  During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me.”

What a mess film stars mange to get themselves entangled in. Is there any redemption for Johnny Depp? Unless he takes his drinking and drug abuse to newer heights, it’s sure he will be offered new parts in big films.  Despite all the strong allegations made against Woody Allen, he is still very much revered as a film maker. Fervent fans of Johnny Depp will continue to support him.

It would be a pity if Johnny Depp gains more of a reputation for being an alcoholic, than the great actor many know him to be;