I is for If I could speak my mind to these people I would say…

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First all to politicians, who persist in ordering  air forces to bomb the hell out of innocent people,  thinking it will make for a better world,  or to rid the world of terrorism…no  you just continue the cycle of hatred, you create more terrorists, we are going nowhere with this. You can’t blow up an ideology,  you would be better off trying to re-educate those who follow it, and give them less reason to follow it. You bomb them, they bomb innocent people back ( as seen with Brussels).

To all Religious extremists,  listen what if the God you believe in is in reality nothing like the one you have blind faith in? How do we know the God the Christians believe in, the God the Muslims believe in…etc etc is totally different to the God they imagine?  What if there is no God?  If there is a God, would this being really humans to go around killing one another in its name?  Do you really think killing innocent people, including women and children  is a way to get to heaven? It is a way of creating Hell on earth, but no way does it endorse any Godly superior being.  If you put on a suicide belt and blow yourself up, you have stopped thinking , you have lost your sense of reasoning, you have been duped into killing people, you are dead in your head long before you blow yourself up, creating carnage around.

To Donald Trump, for God’s sake man,  give this pursuit of power up, before  you make an even bigger fool of yourself and drag the world into oblivion.  Mocking a disabled reporter,  threatening to punch a protester,  running a scam university, filing for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009, hardly makes for a credible presidential candidate…does it? Where is this all going?

To Kim Jongun,  what are you trying to prove ? Threatening blast the US off the face of the earth while your people starve. Do  you want to go down in history as the mad dictator who brought about  oblivion.  I didn’t bring a son into this world for some oversized crazed dictator to destroy it…hopefully!

Who would you like to speak your mind to???

Francis H Powell is a writer. His recently published book is Flight of Destiny, a book of 22 short stories.


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