B is for Bugeyes.


We live in a world of body image stereo types, which are perpetuated by the media. Those unfortunate beings, born with abnormalities, could face a lifetime of cruel jokes, and in this story’s case rejection.

You can’t but help but feel for Bugeyes.  He is born with oversized eyes and is consequently ruthlessly mocked.  Besides being mocked , he is sent away  from his biological family’s grand estate,  almost as soon as his mother sets eyes on him. Not a happy start to  life.  Bugeyes is one of my favorite characters in my book of  short stories,  it covers the life of an outsider, a reject.  The character does not speak much, he is like a shadow.  It is a story about revenge,  Bugeyes is not stupid,  he has a sharp calculating mind, as well as being curious to discover the truth of his true origins.  This curiosity finally leads him to confront the family that has rejected him and to claim his rightful inheritance.


BOOK EXERT (Bugeyes)

Bug-eyes was destined to a life of toil. As his mother, Lady
Harriet Lombard, remarked gruffly when holding her swaddled firstborn,
“He has disproportionate eyes,” adding tersely, “the child’s
abnormal.” As she handed the squalling reject back to the doctor, she
decreed, “Drop it down the well for all I care.”

Dr. Shady, a tall, thin, nervous practitioner from a line of doctors
who had served the Lombards for generations, wasn’t given to
infanticide. After some negotiations with Lord Lombard, he concocted
a plan, which, despite being highly irregular and grossly illegal, at
least allowed for the child’s preservation. The shrieking infant, who
should at this point have been profiting from his mother’s milk or at
least that of a wet nurse, was promptly dispatched to the periphery of
the estate where the infant’s upbringing became the responsibility of
the Lockjaws, who Doctor Shady had known were desperate for a
Ralston Lockjaw, the Lombard estate gamekeeper, and Hettie, his
barren wife, lived in a poky ramshackle cottage. The infant was was
welcomed heartily by Hettie. Ralston had his reservations, but wisely
kept them to himself. A sizable pay increase on the promise of total
silence sweetened the pill of having to feed another mouth and tolerate
the strange bug-eyed infant. Lord Lombard determined to keep the
secret of the child’s whereabouts to himself, while his seething wife
continued to bitterly rue her “cursed luck,” blaming the abomination
squarely on her husband. In fact, some odd physical defects were
known to exist within the aristocraticly inbred Lombards. Lady Harriet
had more hoped for a healthy heir to grace the front cover of many a
society magazine, like her society friends with their offspring, not
some kind of monstrosity with a conspicuous defect. In disgust, she
took to noting the overly protruding eyes present in the line of
Lombard portraits looking contemptuously down on her in the
corridors of the huge manor house. The infant’s “death” was officially
pronounced by Dr. Shady to all the world, the reality being otherwise.


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