Tiffany Apan’s St Patrick’s Day questionaire,

What do the Irish mean to you ?
Well, aside from having it as part of my lineage, the history behind not only the Irish but the ancient Celts is a great interest of mine, particularly because it is shrouded in so much mystery. I’ve been doing much research on the subject for my book series, The Birthrite, as well as my forthcoming musical release, Antiquity.

Have you ever been to a rousing Irish musical/cultural event?
Oh yeah. They are loads of fun, especially if you are contributing musically. 🙂

Have you been to any Irish pubs? What is your opinion of Guinness? Have you samples Irish food?
I have been to a couple and I do like Guinness, though I’m much more of a wine person than I am a beer person. As for sampling the food, I have cooked a few Irish inspired dishes.

Have you ever been moved by a film set in Ireland/or about Irish culture?
The scenery alone is breathtaking, and I think that the rather tragic history surrounding Ireland adds to that atmosphere, even if the film itself isn’t necessarily a tragic one.

Have you ever celebrated St Patrick’s day?
I have, but in recent years, it’s more about studying the history and developing an understanding for the richness of the culture, especially the ancient ones. I discuss much of this and other subjects at my blog, . Also check out my work at my website, .

Castle Blood  Photo by Malcolm Gittins,   ebook_cover_1

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