You gotta love the Irish !


The Irish seem to have left their imprint all over the world. I can claim to have a modicum of Irish blood, going back to a great grandmother (who was well dead by the time I was born). I have only spent a long weekend in Ireland, a quick trip with friends to Dublin, in February. I deeply recall sheets of icy cold rain tested our resistance to freezing Irish style weather. I have memories of a busker who made spontaneous lyrics about passersby.

However you don’t necessarily have to visit Ireland to feel the spirit of the Irish. For one thing their pubs seem to have spread far and wide. Sitting in a pub in Paris called Carrs, just before a rugby match, some musicians came in and started playing, people joining in, and singing along to traditional songs. I felt inexplicably roused by this unanticipated occurrence. Was the Irish part of me coming to the fore?

While living in Vienna, a friend got wind that a new Irish pub was about to open and what’s more this said pub was going offer free drinks…until ten o’clock. This of course was an invitation not to be missed. We trooped into the pub and by ten o’clock every part of our table was surrounded by drinks. However it transpired my friend had been misinformed and there was no such deadline for the free drinks…as it was free drinks the whole night long. We felt a bit foolish.

I have had two Irish girlfriends,  they could not have been more different in personality.  One was very happy go lucky, casual about life, didn’t want to get too attached…the other the absolute opposite, very intense and far too clingy.

Other Irish memories…each year there is the fete de la musique, and annually one of the events we would systematically go to was the music at The Irish College in Paris. The forecourt would resound to the sound of typical Irish musical instruments, some of the audience would be seated taking in the music in a leisurely way, while many at the front would be dancing like crazy.

No, you have got to love the Irish.

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One thought on “You gotta love the Irish !

  1. Having nearly 50% Irish blood I’ll have to go with “My Irish made me do it. I recently turned 60 (merely a number my dears,) but I’m almost 30 in my heart, and I took one of those internet tests that say I have the eyes of an 18 y.o.! but that’s a totally different pontification, and looking back on some of the abrupt life changes as well as the hard won successes, there is a streak of Irish tenacity behind them all.

    18 years ago, I was compelled by something deep inside, the who am I?, why am I doing this? and where do I go from here? kind of questions. Actually compelled isn’t quite he word, more like driven, to seek out the answers. What I found did answer most of those questions, save one; where do I go from here.

    Having been richly blest with a love of knowledge and a modicum of curiosity I found that most of the answers had their existential roots in Ireland. My love for food, drink and a good parties (which never really start till I get there (empirically proven) all have there beginnings in the ancient times. Times when the terms ollams, bards and brehon were as commonplace then as professor, poet and judge are today and that lead me to my deep love for history (of Ireland, Colonial US history and the wee state which I know call home (Rhode Island), poetry, art, science to mention just a few of the many areas which claim my interest.

    In the blood? Certainly in the blood! Jung wrote of the collective unconscious, known today as autonomous psyche or objective psyche, and our relationship to it, contains wisdom that collect around universal symbols such as the Tree of Life, the Wise Old Man, the Great Mother, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, the Tree of Life, and many more.

    In the blood? Certainly in the blood! Modern psychology, and it’s vast array of therapeutic models, note that human behavior, depending on what “school” of thought you rely on most may be based on both nature AND nurture.

    In the blood indeed!

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