When a writer needs to add a bit of romance or sex to their story!

love is blind

It seems the writing world is crammed full writers whose genre is romance. Romantic novels seem to be a money spinner, as are kinky sex books a la Fifty Shades of Grey. But what if your stories are not of this ilk, but romance and sex play a part in your stories? My stories are dark surreal short stories, that have elements of horror.

There are  some of my stories that contain sexual elements. One story even starts off with… Mercedes Shwartz had just had the most incredible orgasm, but her pleasure was still incomplete.

I would say if you are a horror writer, or a suspense writer, or whatever your genre, the sex parts in your stories, should not seem like they have been pasted in, to add a bit of spice to your story, but should be natural elements that enhance your stories. There has to be the same tension that pervades in the other elements in your stories. It has to be in keeping with the characters of the stories as well the moods.

In my story Cast from Hell, I created a character (previously a middle aged man) who has returned to earth from Hell, in the body of a woman. She becomes a predator, without any scruples, using men to own ends. I had to battle with my editor to make the parts that involved sex, in keeping with my style and how I imagined them. I got the impression my editor’s imagination was running wild at times and he was being far more explicit than I would have ventured, while moving away from the subtlety that is characteristic in other parts of my book.



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6 thoughts on “When a writer needs to add a bit of romance or sex to their story!

  1. I am writing a romantic comedy, but I feel it will have more comedy than romance, but there is a love interest involved. Just how involved, I have not yet decided. I enjoy books without explicit sex scenes, I enjoy subtlety and I hope I am not in the minority. I get where you are coming from.


  2. I agree. Most of my novels are ‘clean’, because I don’t want to spoil it for people with more delicate or sensitive taste. In some cases, however, it couldn’t be avoided – romance, sex or violence were integral part of the story.
    Your examples suggest the same to me – they were needed, and I’m sure they fit.
    Very thoughtful article 🙂


  3. I agree with you. Sex scenes should only be used if it enhances a story. I love books were everything builds up to that moment where they can finally be together!


  4. Hmm. It seems like my previous comment disappeared.

    With some books I’ve read it has felt like the author has put in a sex scene just for the sake of having sex in their book. It feels forced or something. However, when the story or character calls for it then it flows seamlessly. Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard comes to mind as how there can be depth to a sex scene.


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