Would you give up lifestyle, convert to another religion, all for the sake of marriage?

Aitken inside image

Would you give up your lifestyle, the comforts you are used to, be prepared for an almighty culture clash, as well as converting to a new religion, all for the sake of marrying somebody ? Some choose to take this route. Flicking through some news stories, I came across the daughter of a well-known Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken. This story is more remarkable due to the fact that Alexandra Aitken, now named Uttrang Kaur Khalsa, was once the ultimate party girl, hanging out with celebrities, going as far as to pose naked for GQ magazine, while living an utterly privileged life. She married a Sikh warrior Inderjot Singh six years ago, she describes their first encounter, seemingly still gushing ‘I was sitting on the roof of the Golden Temple at about 3am, and the most beautiful man I’d ever seen in my whole life walked in. He seemed 100 per cent man, gentle and intuitive and poetic and sensitive, but also extraordinarily strong and manly. And you don’t see many of these around. So I was like: “Oh wow!”’.

Their marriage was not some glitzy affair in London, however hundreds of holy men did come out of their caves to offer their benediction to their union. However these benedictions were not enough to sustain the marriage, which was short lived. Whether the marriage was strictly legal is also open to question. One thing is for sure is that the former Cabinet Minister’s daughter is on a spiritual mission and is upholding many beliefs that were thrust upon her by her former “husband”. Her life these day revolves around living mostly in a gurdwara (a Sikh temple) alongside yogis and meditation masters, while also being a fully-fledged green advocate. In a town of around 16,000 people, out on a limb as the only single western woman.

What to make of Alexandra Aitken/ Uttrang Kaur Khalsa? Is she a bit wacky? Mad? Or is she admirable, perhaps courageous? Certainly by reading about her, she seems strong willed. Will her story be made into a film, the Brit party girl, who marries a Sikh warrior…I could imagine a younger version of Kate Winslet, fitting the role. Her film Hideous Kinky, has echoes of the Aitken girl story.



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7 thoughts on “Would you give up lifestyle, convert to another religion, all for the sake of marriage?

  1. Interreligion marriages are so common now a days but we rarely get to see such examples where someone specially the girl had to change her complete lifestyle. Must say Alexandra has a strong will power.


  2. I don’t think I would be able to simply change or convert myself, even for the sake of love. These are my personal beliefs, and it is not like marriage itself is what truly dictates what love is.


    1. Both my parents changed their religion, but for different reason to what I mention in the article, after they got married. I wouldn’t convert myself for reasons of love, it seems a bit unnatural. Thanks for your comment.


  3. I guess some people really will do anything for love but I think if you have to give up that much of yourself then you aren’t being true to who you are on the inside. I couldn’t do that, I think you need to find balance in that sense.


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