Love is blind interview Cheryllynn Dyess


NAME – Cheryllynn Dyess

Do you believe love is blind ?


What about love at first sight…do you believe in this…has it happened to you?

Yes I believe in love at first sight. When I first met my husband our first dance changed my heart and life – so I have to say a big YES.

Have you ever had a date from Hell? What happened?

Oh yes, 🙂 I went to lunch with an old boyfriend from high school. During the lunch he proceeded to tell me he is against interracial relationships/marriages. I almost spit my tea at him. I have three bi-racial children. After making sure he did in fact know that I quickly ended the lunch and never spoke to him again.

Is there much love/romance or sex in your stories? If so how is it conveyed?

I briefly touch on the romance in The Jein’s Journey Series as it is geared towards teens and readers who are young. In my other books, romance is hit on more but nothing that could not be considered G-rated still. I like a clean romance. The sex that is mentioned is left to the imagination.

Is there any music or films that you associate with Valentine’s day or love in general? Hmmm, The Notebook is the only movie that I think of when I think of true love.



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