Love is blind Interview with Tiffany Apan

love is blind author interview

Do you believe love is blind ?

In some case, yes. Though I do think that everyone has preferences of what initially attracts him or her to another. Sometimes this can be a positive thing, meaning that after getting to know a person and accepting him or her despite any flaws or idiosyncracies. But other times it can be negative, like one partner (regardless of gender) demonstrates abusiveness with the other choosing to remain in denial or (even if he or she is aware of such abuse taking place) doesn’t want to deal with it for one reason or another. It can be uplifting or destructive.

What about love at first sight…do you believe in this…has it happened to you?

I don’t know about ‘love’ at first sight. More like infatuation at first site. But I will say that in my book series, The Birthrite, a couple key relationships do begin with a rather mystical ‘love at first site’. And each instance is handled in a slightly different fashion.

Have you ever had a date from Hell? What happened?
Not really a date from Hell, though I’ve had the relationship from Hell and really do not want to go back there.

Is there much love/romance or sex in your stories? If so how is it conveyed?
Oh yeah. How I convey it (and how often) depends on the characters, the nature of their relationship and what they both happen to be going through at a given time. For me, it’s a very organic experience and I wouldn’t throw in a sex scene or any type of romantic scene ‘just because’ or because I think it would make the book sell. To me, that only makes it all seem rigid and forced.
I do believe that, if done well, a romantic and/or sex scene can really show the inner workings (in more ways than one), their true relation to one another, and each individual’s personal journey. It doesn’t necessarily have to be trashy.
Is there any music or films that you associate with Valentine’s day or love in general?
Lush orchestral music, definitely. Mainly a lot of older stuff. My playlist for The Birthrite is at Pandora and 8track:

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