Roma Gray’s 2015

Roma  gRAY


Name…………Roma Gray………………………………….

What has 2015 meant to you as a writer?
2015 has turned into my break out year! I’ve sold 11 short stories, self-published a collection of my work (Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon), AND I had a novel (The Hunted Tribe: Declaration of War) picked up by a publisher. I was also picked up as a staff editor at the same publishing house. This year has been pure gold for me.

What world events in 2015 moved you?
Wow. So many things. The Paris attack makes the top of the list.

Were there any leading events in your life in 2015?
I was just sick of my job and not living the life I wanted to live.

What great films did you see in 2015? Did they have any influence on your work?
Jurassic World tops the list. Scared me to death and reminded me that dinos are still scary. I have several dinosaur stories this year, so it did help.

Is it good riddance to 2015 or more au revoir?
au revoir

What are your hopes for 2016 as a writer?
To continue or exceed this trend.

Do you have any regrets concerning 2015?
I would have not spent money on a professional promotional company. My efforts were far more effective than their efforts.

Tell us about anything funny that happened to you/or friend/family during 2015
I received a book for xmas last year called “Apex Predator: The Chain” by S.A. McKernan. A few months later I met this author on Facebook (used her real name) and we become good friends. It wasn’t until later that I realized I had her book.

Give us a prediction for 2016 that will amaze us…(Donald Trump is going to morph into a Buddhist monk)
We will finally have proof that ET exists (a planet that is capable of supporting life was discovered this year. It is only 14 light years away.)



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