Justin Bienvenue’s year

Name: Justin Bienvenue
What has 2015 meant to you as a writer?
It’s been a great year and I feel I’ve developed and grown more as a writer. There were ups and downs but both have made me more aware and more inept as a writer. It’s given me a new perspective on certain aspects of my writing and promoting that I have otherwise ignored or wouldn’t have considered until this year. The best part is it’s helped me shape a fine outlook and promising future for next year.
What world events in 2015 moved you?
In all honesty I don’t really pay attention to the news or world happenings and if I do while I may feel bad for them I wouldn’t say they move me or impact me. There were a lot of events that took place and they’ve all been either upsetting or heartfelt.
Were there any leading events in your life in 2015?
The completion of my fourth novel was probably my biggest event. I really worked hard perhaps harder than I have worked for previous novels and I think it definitely speaks volumes as a leading event for the year.
What great films did you see in 2015? Did they have any influence on your work?
I saw quite a bit of films this year but I can’t remember them all or one that stands out. I’ve also started watching a lot of new shows. I’d say bits and pieces of the films and shows have played a small impact of inspiration on my works.
Is it good riddance to 2015 or more au revoir?
Au revoir, it was a good year and I’m sad to see it go so definitely not good riddance.
What are your hopes for 2016 as a writer?
Good question. I hope to really implement some promotion and marketing tactics that I’ve picked up along the way of 2015. There’s been so much that I’ve learned that I haven’t really known when to look into it so there’s some tips and tricks and ideas I’m saving until next year to try such as promoting with Facebook Ads, Fiverr, trying to build a more established e-mail list, be more blog-happy. Basically just do what I’ve either already done better or try new things to build my name as an author. I hope to release two more books but am aiming toward at least one as one never knows how busy one will become during the new year.
Do you have any regrets concerning 2015?
If anything I regret not getting out more and socializing or even promoting my book around town. I told myself I’d try both but I felt as though I had so much to get done and time and other things got in the way. So I’d say overall my biggest regret of this year would be not using my time wisely.
Tell us about anything funny that happened to you/or friend/family during 2015
Well a few months back I kept getting phone calls saying my computer had many errors on it. It was always the same guy and he talked in a thick indian accent and so fast that I never really got what he said or believed him. Especially since I bought this computer this year. Well one day I finally decided to see what he was talking about. I asked him if he knew who I was and he said yes and said my mother’s name to which I said no thats not who I am. I then said, how are you gonna tell me somethings wrong with my computer when you don’t even know who I am? you don’t know who the hell I am do you? And the guy said back, who the hell are you in a bewildered voice and hung up. I thought it was hilarious.
Apparently he had my old computer on file from like 2004 which I haven’t used in years. It was quite a funny moment.
Give us a prediction for 2016 that will amaze us…(Donald Trump is going to morph into a Buddhist monk)
There will be flying cars taking off at some point during the year, more cars driving by themselves, Uber drivers will equal or eclipse taxi services and there will be a football team back in Los Angeles for the first time since 1994.

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