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Tiffany Apan Interview

What has 2015 meant to you as a writer?
2015 was quite a productive year in which I saw several long awaited projects start coming into fruition. I released the first couple installments of my gothic paranormal series, The Birthrite and there were also music and film projects released to the public. In addition, I decided which direction I wanted to take my blog, interview web series, webzine, and podcast in. So at the end of it all, I can honestly say that I am overall happy with how this year played out.
The year 2015…
…was a year of stepping stones and I look forward to stepping up to the next level.

What world events in 2015 moved you?
To be honest, although I am aware of current events, I don’t pay much attention to the media because there is (for the most part, at least) a dark negativity that resides there. I also find a lot of reports to be very one sided. Therefore, how do you know that you are even getting the whole story or the real story at all? As I said, I keep myself aware enough of current events, but I much prefer reading and doing my own research. And in doing that I have found quite a bit that has moved me. I researching history as much as I do, I have discovered that there is a lot more that actually unites us and that is where I choose to set my focus. Not news stories that only create more division.

Were there any leading events in your life in 2015?
This was the year I also started work at a historical museum and integrated that into my writing, as well as my music and acting work (as a costumed interpreter). I share some of my experiences in this line of work at my blog, including learning how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel. Since much of what I write has a historical backdrop, this has also helped tremendously with my writing. Check out
What great films did you see in 2015? Did they have any influence on your work?
I tend to watch a lot of older films that range from the turn of the 20th century and up into the early 1990s. As I stated earlier, I tend to watch a lot of older and period films, based on the historical context of my works. I also write dark fiction, therefore much of what I watch tends to also lean toward “the dark side.”

Is it good riddance to 2015 or more au revoir?
Au revoir to 2015. This was a year of stepping stones and I’m looking forward to putting much of that into action in the new year.

What are your hopes for 2016 as a writer?
I don’t want to announce too much just yet, but I do plan to release the next couple installments in The Birthrite Series, and I also will be revisiting my short story series, Stories from Colony Drive series. There will also be more exploration of history on my blog, along with interviews with other artists and reviews of their works. I also plan to do more with putting my own written works into an audio format and start up my paranormal/historical podcast to go with my webzine, The Parting of Veils. You can keep up with me at my website (where you can also subscribe to my free mailing list), blog, facebook, twitter, and YouTube.
Here are the links:
Official Site:
Official Blog:
Birthrite Series Facebook Page:
The Parting of Veils Webzine:

Do you have any regrets concerning 2015?
Not really. 2015 was, overall, a very positive year for me. Of course, there were a few ‘down moments’ (which you’ll have any year), but I choose to think of them as lessons. No regrets!

Tell us about anything funny that happened to you/or friend/family during 2015.
I don’t know about funny, but another turning point in doing what I do was getting to play real life accused (and eventually acquitted) witch Mary Bliss Parsons for a Halloween event at the museum. It prompted me to do more research on the witch trials and hunts, and many of the details might surprise people (the whole things aren’t always what they seem comes in to play quite a bit here). I also share these findings at my blog as I discover new information, so be sure to swing on over and check out what I have to say! 🙂

Give us a prediction for 2016 that will amaze us…(Donald Trump is going to morph into a Buddhist monk)
Strictly off the top of my head, George Bush and Lady Gaga will get married with Barack Obama officiating and Buddhist monk, Donald Trump as the best man.

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