Paris still alive and rich in culture, despite the attempts of those who seek to destroy…



Last Friday’s events brought about a senseless waste of life, as well as much pain and trauma to those caught up in an unimaginable horrific situation, as well as leaving many others in deep shock, but if it was the intention to try to destroy the rich culture and the desire to share creativity in Paris,they failed.

Last night I was lucky enough to participate in a wonderful typically Parisian cultural event, called “Paris Lit Up”. Musicians, poets and writers all shared their feelings and ideas. We had honest accounts of failed love affairs, an interesting account of what Paris was like in the 1980s, when smoking was permitted almost everywhere. There was a rendering of a gospel song, done acapella style. There was wit, repartee and banter between participants, while at the same time some chose to share their thoughts on what happened at the end of last week. The shadow of last Friday still remains and it etched on the minds of many, but Paris retains its characteristics, a city brimming with culture and creativity, which so many love and cherish.

If you have ever lived in Paris or stayed for a long time, you will know what Paris has to offer.  We can’t change what happened last Friday, but creative people can stand up and say...we’re not going to change our lifestyle, because of people with twisted minds who want to destroy so many things we hold true.

Sing your songs, write your poems, enjoy the Paris night life…


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