Interview with Jack Torrance, lead character in Stephen King’s “Shining”…

Jack Torrence 2We have fed all Jack Torrance’s data into software we have created to enable us to do a realistic interview with a fictitious character Jack Torrance, who plays a lead role in the Stephen King’s “The Shining”.

Interviewer: It is great to do an interview with you.

Jack Torrance: Yeah well, as you can imagine I have got a lot to get off my chest.

Interviewer: It all went wrong with you when you took that job at caretaker’s job at the Overlook Hotel.

Jack Torrance: Of course with the benefit of hindsight, it was a major mistake on my part. We were just an ordinary family, Wendy my wife and five year old Danny. Of course Ullman, the manager tried to give me advice, but I was preoccupied with writing my play and an isolated hotel seemed the perfect setting, without distractions. Ullman even went into the history of the Hotel, talking about Delbert Grady, who murdered his wife and two young daughters in a drunken rage, before killing himself…was that not a warning for me? Ullman knew I was a recovering alcoholic, he should never have considered me for the job. Maybe he even had premonitions about was about to happen. I knew little Danny doted on me and was scared shittless Wendy and I were heading for a divorce. Even on my first visit to the Hotel, I should have seen the warning signs, the Hotel was steeped in bad history and I was about to add to this.

Interviewer : What happened when you installed your family in the Hotel?

Jack Torrance : Well you know little Danny was an exceptional kid. That kid could Danny can read minds. I believe he was told by Dick Halloran, the Overlook’s chef that he had the gift called “The Shining”. Poor old Danny began seeing things… blood and gore on one of the walls, while we were being given a tour of our new “home”.

Interviewer: You must have some real regrets in your life…what are some of them?

Jack Torrance: Where to begin, my alcoholism, my violent streak, you know I hit a kid at the school I was working at, in a fit of violence, and this was well before the goings on in the Hotel. I also broke my own kids arm…how can any father live with such guilt? The way I treated Wendy was beyond horrendous.

Interviewer: You were going to write a book I believe…what was it going to be about?

Jack Torrance: At one point I thought about writing a book about the Overlook, it seemed to have a really dark history. All I managed to write was “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over again, the biggest case of writer’s block in history.

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about your childhood…was it easy?

Jack Torrance: Hello no, my Father was violent don’t you know…saw him beat my mother with a cane, could never get this image out of my mind, how was ever going to be a good Father to little Danny after my own experiences?

Interviewer: Why were you so violent to Wendy?

Jack Torrance: It was that old devil alcohol, being served Martinis by that bartender Lloyd. I guess I began to freak out Wendy more and more and she felt a need to protect herself and Danny, which I felt was a kind of betrayal. She even had to resort to violence herself, as well to lock me in a cellar. This was more than a man could take.

Interviewer: Is it true to say you were always a highly disturbed man who became overcome by a Hotel with an equally disturbing past

Jack Torrance: Damn that Hotel to Hell, it saw the end of me, but at least Wendy and Danny got away.

Interviewer: Well Jack, you seem to be a very interesting, messed up man, I guess you reside in a fictitious Hell.

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