Dog’s life…life’s a bitch

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Dogs…man’s best friend or so we are told. Have you ever walked down a street and thought…wow doesn’t the dog resemble the owner…A brute of a looking man is out with his brute of a dog. A gaudy looking woman, caked in make-up swans along the pavement accompanied by some glitzy pooch, one that has spent time at the dog parlor being preened. Some dogs are arguably children’s substitutes and are treated as such, women choosing a smoother option of dogs over motherhood. By contrast some walk about with a beast of a dog, which can be set loose, should they feel menaced in any way. Some dote on their dogs, they are “extra members” of the family…while others seem to delight in abusing their dogs…it pains me to see people who should not be allowed to own a dog, baiting them…kicking them…being cruel to an animal. Dogs can also be very particular, I remember watching some reality TV show, in which this woman’s dog would not accept the new man in her life and was aggressive towards him…due to pangs of jealousy.

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One of my short stories is called “Bitch”. It is based around two characters, one called Harmeson, the other called McFadden. Harmeson has a feeble aging dog called “Puck”, who is the last remaining ember of joy in a life of solace. McFadden is a hard Docker, a bully, who speads fear, who decides to set up a dog fight and to inflict more pain on Harmeson commandeers Harmeson’s dog into a fight with a pit ball. There can only be one result…Harmeson’s dog’s annihilation.

Here is an extract…Nasher, Sam “The Hammer” Royston’s legendary black male pit
bull, was set against “Squeamish” Jack Harmeson’s terrier, Puck. The
Hammer was McFaddens’ number one henchman, and Nasher, the
terror of the docks. Puck, Harmeson’s pet terrier, couldn’t fight her way
out of a wet paper bag even if she tried. Puck was the one of the few
dogs local children felt at ease to pet, or, in contrast, to insult, often
calling her “Puke.” Puck was Harmeson’s last remaining pleasure in
his otherwise devoid life, and it pained him to think his precious
companion would be soon be mauled to pieces.
Puck wouldn’t have a chance. Several of the aging dog’s muzzle hairs
had recently whitened. Maybe, Harmeson half-heartedly
reasoned, by agreeing to fight Puck, he was saving her from the
inevitable indignation of old age. Puck was a docile, some might say
completely placid mutt, so the moment Harmeson reluctantly agreed to
the fight, he began to train Puck as best he could, hoping to provide
her some dignity in her impending death. In truth, it hurt his heart to
bait and anger her.

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20 thoughts on “Dog’s life…life’s a bitch

  1. A dog is for life not just for christmas! The thought of dog fighting as a sport and using dogs as bait to train fighting dogs is one of the most upsetting things and I simply can not comprehend it


  2. I can’t think of dog fights without anger. When I was little some gypsies put a puppy in front of a massive fight dog, in front of all the children that were sledging down the hill. It was cruel… I can still remember the red snow left behind them….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have seen people mocking and bating dogs, anything like this makes me mad. I have never had a dog, I would love to, my son particularly would love to have a dog, but when I was growing up we had dogs. I have always loved dogs.


  4. It’s very interesting! You’re writing so great! Life is beautiful, karma is a bitch! 😉 I wish I could better understand everything you write but my English is not perfect!


  5. It’s definitely interesting to see if there are any similarities in personality between dogs and their owners. Flight of Destiny sounds like a fascinating collection.


  6. I don’t have a dog, but I do have a kitty that I consider a legit family member! It really is funny to compare owners to there pets because my cat magic is my twin personally wise and my hubby a cat kitty even sorta looks like him lol


  7. I think pets are members of your family and that is what baffles me when people don’t treat them as such. Dog fights are horrible. Your book sounds interesting. I love when stories can still surprise me at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I like to believe that not treating animals the right ways reduces us to real animals ! dogs are just a part of our lives … I can’t even imagine how they feel..;


  9. I really cannot understand those “humans” that mistreat animals, especially dogs. I love your post! I have already added “Flight of destiny” in my read-in-the-future list. I can’t seem to find enough time for reading lately.


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