Meet the Residents of 22 (short stories by Francis H Powell )

Meet the residents for Twitter

Meet some of the Residents of number (Flight of Destiny) 22… short stories.
full of Freaks, weirdos and tyrants.

Bugeyes (from the story Bugeyes)
Poor old Bugeyes, comes from a line of aristocrats with over-sized extended eyes. He is the victim of many an insult concerning those aforementioned eyes. He is rejected at birth by his Mother, and sent to live on the far-reaches of the family estate. His mother goes on to produce another two offspring, the first a male with acceptable sized eyes the other a sister, who like her oldest brother has large eyes and therefore suffers the same fate. Later curiosity drives Bugeyes to find out his true origin and by chance encounters his younger brother sibling. His younger brother is cruel and arrogant and is out to impress his friends, therefore sets the hunting dogs in hot pursuit of Bugeyes. Bugeyes does not speak much in this story, he may be silent but he smart and resourceful.
Little Mite. (from the story Little Mite)
Little Mite is quite simply the younger sister from Hell. All is wonderfully set up for a marriage, between her older sister and the love of her life Conner. What could go wrong? It is a great match for both families, The Johnsons have money, the Dashvilles, an old family on the wane, need an injection of money. The family are in the midst of a lunch, which has been organized to make the final arrangements of the wedding. Little Mite excuses herself and takes Connor’s sweet younger brother Jed (who is her age) on an adventure in which he is super glued to her father’s coffee table. She also tortures the unfortunate Jed, whipping his legs with stinging nettles. She returns to the dining table, claiming a terrible accident has taken place. The adults don’t believe her and the Johnson family, leave the Dashville family, in disgust and the wedding in tatters. Little Mite’s prank has gone terribly wrong. She tries to win back her parents favor. She hides in a cupboard and plans to jump out. However this leads to a disaster, as her older sister convinces her father, that they have an intruder and he grabs his shooting rifle.
Excellency (from the story Maggot).

Excellency is quite simply a slime ball. Nobody quite knows his origins, he has risen up from nowhere and now resides in a regal palace. The story begins with a banquet. An equally odious character named Maggot, is trying to sell Excellency his daughter, to try to alleviate some of the debts, his circus accumulated. Excellency after some nervous bargaining finally agrees to buy the daughter, before whisking her off to have his wicked way with her. Unfortunately for Excellency, all does not go to plan and with the aid of a magic incantation, Excellency is stricken with an inexplicable malaise, in which all he tastes, and sees seems, explicably ugly. He has been cursed by the young circus girl, and all those sent to his aid, believe he is on the fast route to insanity.
The Duke (from the story Duke)
The Duke is a fraud. He has been sent to prison and indeed sentences to death, for some unexplained reason and is arrogantly treating his impending death as if he is on a short pleasurable short holiday. He treats the Prison Governor with contempt. He demands to be treated like a Duke, but as the story progresses he is found out, and is fraudulently using the title. Equally he is a bad husband and a terrible father, who has already gambles away his son’s inheritance. There are those in the prison who admire his panache and rules are laxed, in his favor. Duke is likable, but equally highly detestable.

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