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Together Behind Four Walls

is an anthology with a mixture and well known

and lesser known contributors, writers, poets and illustrators 

who have kindly submitted their work so we can raise some money for

Marie Curie Nurse who provide hands on nursing care to patients at the end of their lives. Throughout the Corona Virus Pandemic, their  nurses have been at the frontline of care, looking after patients with all terminal illnesses, including caring for people with the virus.

To raise as much money as we can, we need to be able to promote the book as much as possible and it is for this reason we have decided to do a kickstarter campaign. As with any kickstarter campaign there are rewards. We are offering rewards that are original, for example two drawings  by well known artist Sally Kindberg. You can get a copy of the book, with a dedication. You can get a greetings card or a book mark or a poster.  Most of all if you contribute to our kickstarter campaign, you will be contributing to a great cause

Together Behind Four Walls, an anthology by Together behind four walls — Kickstarter

Finally My Kickstarter Campaign is underway

I have been working for over a year on an anthology called Together Behind Four Walls. I am lucky enough to have some great contributors.

It will be published soon in aid of Marie Curie nurses. It is called Together Behind Four Walls and it is a collection of poetry, short stories and illustrations inspired by COVID-19, quarantine and the recent events associated with this unprecedented time.

It will feature pieces of work by people from across the world who wanted to be involved with this good cause including Wendy Cope, Roger Robinson, John Hegley and more!

My main thought when creating this book was with the front line workers, who have cared for people tirelessly and, with that in mind, all profits from the sales of Together Behind Four Walls will be going to Marie Curie nurses.

If you’re interested in supporting this cause and helping me to self publish Together Behind Four Walls, please click the link below to find out more about my Kickstarter Campaign which will go live in the near future.


In return for your help, I will be offering you some goodies you can’t get elsewhere, including original artwork.

Funny Poetry

Thing one and two fish Dr Seuss


What is your perception of poetry? Maybe to some people it is this stuffy closeted medium in which deep thinkers put together meaningful words in rigid styles. Maybe to some, this is off-putting…but wait a moment…

Poetry can take many forms, one of these forms can be the double combination of poetry and wit.

It takes a special talent. To melt the two together Wit can be used as a weapon to attack and mock the establishment, think of Oscar Wilde attacking the stuffy society in which he lived. Poetry can be funny but at the same time carry a serious message.

It can be used to take the sting out of a dark situation, obviously in the present moment we have the shadow of the Corona Virus. With the anthology “Together Behind Four Walls” which is still going through the process of being compiled, there are some very witty poems. Perhaps one of the skills of a funny poet, is to turn a mundane subject, into a funny subject. Neil Zetter subjects include clearing out a garden shed and social distancing and manages to whip up humour. Professor Elemental manages to find humour in “homes schooling” with his poem “The Difficulties of Homeschooling an Orangutan”

Poetry can be used as a way to make children laugh and entice them to enjoy reading. I must have read endless times the poems of Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. Accompanied by his wacky poems were equally creative illustrations. Some poets have the magical quality of creating a special unusual world for children to delve into.

Somebody who seemed to have a really great understanding of a child’s mind is Roald Dahl. His work encompassed darkness with humour, take his poem “The Three Little Pigs,” the poem feeds off two well known children’s stories Three little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. The poem ends up with Little Red Riding Hood being the villain of the piece, as she shoots the wolf and kills the pig so she can have a pig skin travelling case. Roald Dahl even reworks the story of Cinderella, giving it his treatment, making it sinister and dark.

Ogden Nash was an Americn humorist poet who was very prolific; writing over 500 poems. An example of his work is “The People upstairs” It starts off

The people upstairs all practise ballet
Their living room is a bowling alley
Their bedroom is full of conducted tours.
Their radio is louder than yours,

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced some annoying neighbours, while living in Paris, in an old apartment, on the one hand we had the noise from a jazz club, which was most pleasant, where as the sound of the neighbours was as annoying as a wasp at a picnic.

If you are feeling melancholic, go and search for some witty poetry, it might put a different complexion on the world.

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Together Behind Four Walls Cover_NEW FINAL




Support our kickstarter campaign to raise money for Together Behind Four Walls

Please support our kickstarter campaign to raise money for our book. Your support will enable us to get the book printed as well as promoted and if the book is a success, it will raise money for Marie Curie Nurses. The book has contributions from poet Wendy Cope OBE  award winning Roger Robinson, John Hegley, Ian McMilan as well other many other professional poets and writers, as well as illustrators.


 Together Behind Four Walls Cover_NEW FINAL

Marie Curie


Writers challenge for Coronavirus

If you want to participate,  you only need to write a paragraph,  and it is part of project for a good cause


or email your idea powellfrancisvid at gmail.com

Coronavirus Anonymous Meeting

Add you own part to the story

It is a meeting like alcoholics anonymous, where people express their phobias, guilt, regrets, or make accusations; The councilor is called Jennifer. Invent a character? It can be your own character or it could be one from the prompts below, then present them to others in the group.

“I am xxxxx”


A priest who has no visitors to their church

A teenager who finds the confinement a waste of time and ridicules the effects of the virus

Somebody who met a policeman, having just stepped and was fined unfairly (in their view)

A parent with unruly children

A frustrated writer, who has writer’s block who fears they will get dumped by their publisher unless they come up with a masterpiece

An alcoholic who is finding it hard to adapt, (he/she usually goes down the pub, most days of the week)

An old woman who has no family and who is isolated

An ex prisoner who has just been released from prison and has to adapt to isolation

A panic buyer (there could be many) who bought unnecessary amounts of products in a fit of panic

A vigilante who has spotted their neighbours breaking the isolation rules

If you can’t make up your character’s name



The start of the story is


“Hello everybody, and welcome to coronavirus anonymous, where you get the chance to get everything off your chest, your anxieties, your frustrations, and how you are managing in these testing times, is everybody two meters apart, nobody has moved their seats I hope? Right remember to cough into the crook of your arm, I am Jennifer and I would like you to share your feelings, who would like to start?

Harry Hoarder

“Yes, my name is Harry Hoarder and I’d like to admit, to everybody here present, I am a panic buyer, I recently stuffed in my cellar, I have about two hundred toilet rolls, which I can tell you will last Aida, she’s my wife and me, 1600 days. I have twenty cans of bake beans, fifteen fray Bentos cans, ten packets of pasta and a fifty kilogram bag of rice. I could go on, I can hardly move in my cellar, but when I watched the news I panicked, I imagined being stuck inside, no food, nothing left in the shops, we are living in a warlike situation.”


“Thank you Harry, for that, we can understand your anxiety, but don’t you think you are over-anxious and taking things a bit too far, if everybody behaved like you, those who can’t make it to the shops, would be left with empty shelves, surely this is a time to think about the vulnerable, or health workers working long hours?”

Harry Hoarder (sighing)

“You are right, Jennifer, I overreacted, I can’t help myself, it’s my nature, spent my life imagining nuclear wars, asteroids hitting the planet, plagues and pestilence, you name it, I’ve imagined it.”


Authors and Poets,please write something during this period of isolation, for coronavirus

Hello, I am  pooling together with writers and poets, artists, comic creators  to put together a book,  I suppose at the moment it would have to be an E book…with poems devoted to people’s thoughts on being isolated due the Coronavirus…I was thinking of putting a poetry anthology together of good meaningful poetry and short stories (it could be people experiences)  proceeds to  a worthy cause. Any thoughts, contributions, commercial advice much appreciated. Send me a message. Also if anybody has a photos or cartoons PLEASE SHARE THIS ON ANY BLOG. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE POETS

powellfrancisvid  at gmail.com



call to writers and poets

Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation Book Tour w/ Exclusive Excerpts & a Giveaway!

bloodlust and fairy dust

Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation
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Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Scifi Short Stories
What if the human race was considered irrelevant and then each being was just uploaded then locked away on hard drives called “brain pods” ?
What if a sub species was to come into fruition, then the human race turned on it, hunted it down before trying to annihilate it? Imagine you found out you were an ancient soul, who is reunited with another being from your former life?
Set in different times in a variety of settings and time periods, the past, the present and the future, the book explores the inevitable unknown that lies before us all “death”. Death can arrive in a multitude of forms. Each part of the book explores different themes. There are characters who following their demises have to face up to their lurid pasts. There are some…

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